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Car : cyclist impingement of road space –
nothing unusual
every day – two or three times daily some days.
this car, the cutting off car,
the, not paying attention car
the might is right car
is different.
heavily chromed, full-sized
odd shaped windows, something covered with flowers
and where the should be driver … an empty space.

“I’m really sorry,”
a voice and uniform emerge from the far side
Cadillac, left-hand drive, pause.
An apology, but also request –
intertwining cloned doppelgänger streets
Google Maps is confused
he has to have the deceased home by three –
it is 2.50
do I know?
explanation fails to bring enlightenment.
I offer to lead ….
but helmet, sunglasses, ear band – seemed disrespectful.

“No mate,” he drops a formal courtesy of a chauffeur,
“ keep it all on
There’s some mad drivers out there.”
We both dissolve into laughter.

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No Charge

The good old days,
well the bad old days actually
licensing laws prohibited sale of alcohol at arenas –
cricket, all day in the summer sun –
thirsty work on the embankment,
the terraces,
the bleachers.
Patrons snuck a can or two in
beer amongst the thermos and sandwiches.
The stewards turned a Nelsonian eye
as long as not over the top
or obvious.

Entrepreneur : one who finds away,
to provide customers with what they want.

Amazing the amount he got in
difficult to conceive how he managed,
but he did.
One dollar per can of draft lager
cheap, but at least 100% profit.

The policeman asked if he was selling
“ no,
I’m giving it away.”
The hot thirsty crowd growled ominously
“oh, in that case,” said the lone policeman, let me help you –
and proceeded to give cans to eager hands.

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He was 30 years ahead of his time
he had a natty goatee beard way back
of the type endemic in the 2000’s.
Unusually for a mathematics lecturer
he was lively, funny, and classes
not impenetrable
topical too
many of the examples he employed
pertaining to sugar cooling coffee
accumulation of alcohol in blood
and retail optimisation of purchasing –
utilitarian or indulgent.

Not that he was a soft touch
his exams hard, searching
if you didn’t know, you were found out.
Exams –
someone asked a question in lectures once
he paused saying
it was complex, would consume considerable time
to explain and
“ is not in the exam.”
“ it’s not in the exam, should I continue,
what do you think class?” NO, everyone bellowed.
That was unanimous he said.