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Self Promotion

Everybody called him Willie
it wasn’t his birth name.
He wasn’t William either
although it might have been third of
a trio proceeding his surname.
The first being
Arthur, or Bartholomew, or something like that
after his father, grandfather, grandfather and great-great-grandfather –
the burden of the firstborn.

He was unaffected by heritage
no silver spoon or affectation.
People liked him
and he liked people.
Picked up a few acres after
one of the rich old relatives kicked the bucket
loved anything that grew – planted everything –
melons, squash, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes
and something for himself.

Decided to go abroad for a while
broaden his horizons
washed up in London needing a job –
passed himself off as a town planner.
When told no or met with a quizzical look
he would reply,
that’s how we do it in New Zealand. Got away with it for 12 months
then came back home to growing things.

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Au Revoir

Witty, funny and generous
good company, very good company
we all liked him
and nobody liked to be an informer –
besides she must’ve known
couldn’t not have
this was the face that launched a thousand trysts.
Apparently not,
two lives
two worlds.
At home husband-and-wife singular
away from home willing, eager available: plural. And then some.

High salaried job in the Third World
remote, hard, isolated but sensationally paid.
She encouraged him
the money unbelievable
three – five years … then retirement.

He did
on the day he returned she filed for divorce –
taking him to the cleaners.

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“ Could I see…?
That’s me sweetie
manager, owner, tea maker,
do you want a coffee sweetie?”
She called me sweetie
without flirt or flint.
Fffff she began and clamped …
scattering the pages of work history.
“ You don’t mind do you ”– then lit up
too bad if I did,
smoke-free yet to be invented.

“ Sweetie, a CV isn’t a CV
it’s a sales pitch
a teaser
a trailer,
show me the advertisement
and I’ll show them you’re what they want.
Don’t worry sweetie you’ve come to the right place
I used to work in HR
now I get to create the lies, not read them.”