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Matter in Hand

Some Christian names once favoured by royals
never cross socio-economic equator
remaining in the northern hemisphere
William, Edward, Charlotte, Victoria.
Others, the blue-collar salt-and-pepper
Wayne, Steve, Sharon, Raylene leave
the basement rental.

Some jet set between
Tania –
Tania local hairstylist at the hardscrabble Suburban salon
Tania charge nurse in a private surgical hospital
tall and aloof
height useful for down looking.
Came to see me –
discuss matters recall can’t
just two of us in empty quiet room
as she talked
something irritated
continued to
she dealt to it vigorously
sound was distinctive and audible
hair rustling against underwear.
I looked at her
she returned my look,
without a blink.

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They didn’t tell me much at first
it took a while
but after a year they told me about my predecessor
I knew by then he had been popular
and an incorrigible flirt.
that was what I thought
had been led to believe
that’s were it began and ended they implied,
shrugging, a man surrounded by women – what do you expect?
they told me about him and Kathryn
seemed very friendly .. perhaps too much
and maybe
but both seemed happily married so maybe not,
the boss, a prime middle-class woman
of whom all claimed passion had passed by
received a phone call from Kathryn’s husband
“ your service manager is fucking my wife.”

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Promises, there were so many
most unnecessary, the voters were angry and tired
and tired of being angry –
old and new
the old had ruled for a decade: Conservative,
thumbs in the dike
government knew best, better than the voters
and literally raised finger
some caricatured it as a raised salute.
Out with the old and in with the new
Michael Mouse would have won a landslide.

Landslide, it was –
perhaps a new prime minister thought
thoughts of the then new President
about a passed torch and quoting an old poet
about promises to keep
and miles to go before sleep.

the interest groups waited
but one didn’t, or couldn’t
the campaign promised 25 pupils per classroom no more,
A 6-year-old boy wrote to the Prime Minister
his class was 32 in size –
here was a list of seven names
could Mr Lange please get rid of them.