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I didn’t spot it –
the second cook, a wily old sheepdog
who had been on many a mustering
and worked for more than a few musterers, did.

We weren’t close, or even especially friendly
somewhere between acquaintance – and fellow PTA parents.
All the same, she seemed to know,
more understand the story keeper in me,
would appreciate her observation.

From the back row.

“ Watch the boss when the function starts.”

Siren and lights.

“ She will rush I with an important, but overlooked item.”

Line of sight.

“ Something she’s tucked away
not hidden – just shifted out of minds.”

Swallows and summer.

She knows how to look good.
Being good is looking good.

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The first year at university,
so different from the regimented authority of High School –
the God instilling fear of a clergy directed education.
But now,
come to class – if you want,
do your assignments – if you feel like it,
skip a day – if you want to go to the cricket,
join a protest march …. there’s an idea.
A protest march,
my first, anti-nukes
American warship don’t come – or actually, fuck off.
I told my mother, she is wary
has some advice
people could do silly things,
others might push their luck,
things may get out of hand –
the media and the police will be there
so ….
“ whatever you do, don’t get on TV.”

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Non Binding

Annual General Meeting for shareholders
presentation and address by CEO and chairperson
refreshments –
hierarchical, the better performed a company
and less diverse,
the better the grub
and liquor.
The more male, pale and stale,
the better the victuals –
a sort of Big Mac index in reverse.

But before refreshments – questions
Q & A. Shareholders to board and executives
difficult questions deflected by- “ can I talk with you over refreshments,”
diversions, the best being
wheeling in trolleys loaded with food and
allowing the scent to scurry questions to a close.

Meek and mild of voice and statue
his question is to the chair
….. “ So you recommend we adopt the advice of the meeting ….”
“ Yes….
so that’s what I should do
Yes.” –
nods and smiles from the top table
disdain from the floor –
“ thank you. You’re welcome
….just one more thing
can I read something from the annual report three years ago –
page 37.
Of course.”
It is exactly the opposite of the recommendation
laughter and applause from the floor.
“ Oh,” smiles the chair. “ Sometimes things change.”