Posted in Antarctica


Her name was Annabel
“Fig”- always
Fig, the first syllable of her four syllable surname
Puerto Rican and hard-working
signed up to the military to see the world
and get out of San Juan.

and salty
she knew exactly what was going down
and who was screwing who.

We were a contractor
the Navy our client
blame was transferable and uni directional
the Navy’s mistakes were the contractor’s mistakes
non returnable.

Once when called to the office
Fig arrested me en route
planting a big wet kiss cheekside
“there baby”, she cooed
“ you should always have a kiss before you get fucked.”

For the back story click Backstage



Most of my life has been spent on the bench, occasionally called into the game by extravagance or attenuation. Waiting has turned a loner into a recorder - nondescript and inconsequential, more not noticed than overlooked - the non-vantage point of children not yet considered old enough to understand. Orphaned Islands (Un)poetry is a lifetime of picking anecdotes up and not throwing them away. Stories collected like odds and ends placed in a box in the basement, the garage, the garden shed - uncertain as to what their use might be but knowing that one day there might be one.

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