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Home Movie

The real estate agent’s car was already there
bright, shiny, logo-ed
sporty, compact, part SUV, part status
expensive and proclamatory – the owner has done well.

They were young, impossibly without weariness
or cynicism,
standing at the gate – daring to dream.
He brushes her hand
she tugs his waistband – ephemeral – it might bring bad luck
hand in hand, down the driveway
children wishing Christmas
wondering if this is preposterous,
The waiting realtor full watts $1000’s of implants
and whitening,
hands wave features, as a pointsman disciplines traffic.

They have learned each secrets
and bodies, before, there might have been others,
probably there were,
but everything till now is tinsel
this is purity of consummation – hope and the future.

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Public Transport

Grey haired and pinstriped,
swinging backpack
from which briefcase and laptop peeped.
Age chronometer takes a fix
late 50’s,
no older,
early to mid-60’s.
What was the back story?
Second time around Dad?
Stop over lover?
Family friend?

It doesn’t matter,
squeals of delight
each morning
60 something and six-year-old 
parallel scooting –
school and work.
curiosity kills cats
and magic.

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Knew Best

Doing well and being young –
the world wants to know, you know it does
however trivial or tangential the nexus.. let me tell you about,
Conceit ? –
too grown up – too adult in motive
more self-absorption than self-regard, just high spirits.

A select course : 12 places – nationally –
and one for me.
We worked together – he called me son
even though only 10 years older
nothing paternal or patronising
appropriate in a way– he was a sort of mentor,
in a cynically comical, but more comedic than cynical manner
He asked about the course
policy studies, economics, planning law, environmental management
and target employment?
Councils, government departments, universities, think tanks,
“son, you’ll never be a bureaucrat.”
He said it slowly, gently, with compassion …. and precise foresight.